[Canadian County]


The non-custodial parent shall have visitation with all minor children of the parties as follows:


Every other weekend from Friday after school or day care until Monday morning when non-custodial parent returns child(ren) to school or day care plus every Wednesday evening after school or day care until 8:30 P.M.


        HOLIDAY                                         EVEN YEARS                ODD YEARS

        Spring Break                                                CP                                 NCP

        Easter Weekend                                           CP                                 NCP

        Memorial Day Weekend                               NCP                               CP

        July 4th                                                         CP                                 NCP

        Labor Day Weekend                                     NCP                               CP

        Fall Break                                                     NCP                               CP

        Thanksgiving Break                                      CP                                 NCP

        First Week of Christmas Break                     CP                                 NCP

        Balance of Christmas Break                         NCP                               CP

        Mothers day weekend with mother, and Fathers day weekend with father.

THE HOLIDAY SCHEDULE SUPERSEDES ALL REGULARLY SCHEDULED VISITATION, and shall be governed by the school the child attends or would attend if of school age. The first week of Christmas break shall begin after school or daycare and end at 11 AM on Christmas Day, and the balance of Christmas break shall end at 6 PM on the day preceding start of school, July 4th visitation shall begin at 6 PM on July 3rd and end at 9 AM on July 5th.


The non-custodial parent shall have summer visitation from June 1 at 8 AM until June 21 at 6 PM and from 8 AM on July 18 until 6 PM on July 31. Unless otherwise agreed, regular weekend or Wednesday evening visitation shall not occur in the summer by either parent but shall begin the first weekend and subsequent Wednesday that the child(ren) return to school or would return to school if of school age.

        It is important to be aware that this schedule is for the purpose of providing minimum amounts of visitation between the non-custodial parent and the child(ren). Visitation should exceed the number of occasions set out herein. Liberal telephone communications between the parent and child(ren) is encouraged and shall occur. The parties may deviate from this schedule by mutual agreement.


                                                                             JUDGE OF THE DISTRICT COURT

rev 1/7/00; 1/14/00.

Canadian County 1/90 rev 2/95

[Ed Note: Form furnished by Hon. John L. Wolking, Special Judge, Canadian County, January 2005.]