[Cleveland County]


Non-custodial parent shall visitation with the minor child(ren) from birth to two (2) years of age as follows:

I.      Regular visitation: If non-custodial parent has not developed a significant bond with the child, visitation shall be supervised by the custodial parent as directed by the Court.

        a)   0-6 months:

              1.   4 hours each Saturday during the daytime

              2.   2 hours each Monday evening

              3.   2 hours each Wednesday evening

        b)   7-12 Months:

              1.   12 hour period each weekend, which may include an overnight

              2.   2 hours each Monday evening

              3.   2 hours each Wednesday evening

        c)   13-18 Months:

              1.   One (1) twenty-four hour period per week

              2.   2 hours each Monday evening

              3.   2 hours each Wednesday evening

        d)   19-24 Months:

              1.   Every other weekend from 10:00 a.m. Saturday until 6:00 p.m. Sunday.

              2.   2 hours each Wednesday evening

II.     Other Provisions

        a)   All toys and clothes belonging to the children shall travel freely between households and shall be returned with the children in a clean and orderly manner.

        b)   The custodial parent shall ensure that the non-custodial parent has the opportunity to spend a portion of the winter holiday, Thanksgiving and the child(ren)'s birthday with the child.

        c)   Parents are allowed to deviate from this schedule by mutual agreement and should do so when it is in the best interests of the child(ren) or circumstances necessitate.

        d)   It is important to be aware that this visitation schedule is for the purpose of providing assured minimum amounts of visitation between non-custodial parent and child. Visitation should exceed the number of occasions set out herein, if appropriate.

        Dated this _____day of _____________________, 200___


                                                                                          JUDGE OF THE DISTRICT COURT

[Ed. note: Form furnished by Hon. Lori Walkley, District Judge, Cleveland County, on May 17, 2005. This version was adopted sometime in 2004 and replaces the earlier Cleveland County standard order for young children.]