[McClain County]



1.     0-6 months (time period to establish parental relationships)

        A.   Custodial parent is primary caretaker

        B.   Non-custodial parent has limited visitation with supervision

              1.   Daytime visitation, very liberal

        C.  Non-custodial parent must learn infant skills from custodial parent

              1.   Develop bond of trust with infant

              2.   Develop relationship with non-custodial parent

2.     7-12 months (time period to develop relationships with extended family)

        A.   Non-custodial parent may engage in brief (hours) Unsupervised visitation during months 7-9

              1.   During brief visitation non-custodial parent may introduce infant to extended family

        B.   Non-custodial parent may take child for overnight visitation

        C.  Child should not be separated from custodial parent for extended periods of over 18-24 hours

3.     12-18 months (time period to establish independence/autonomy)

        A.   Non-custodial parent may continue overnight visitation in months 12-15

              1.   May take child on brief excursions, i.e. play in park

        B.   In months 15-18 visitation of 24 hours may be established, with continued excursions

4.     19-24 months (time period to move from infancy to early childhood)

        A.   19-21 months continued 24 hour visitation with expansion to 36 hours

        B.   22-24 months 48 hour visitation may be established.


Ordered on this ___ day of ______________, 200__.


                                                                                          JUDGE OF THE DISTRICT COURT

[Ed note: Schedule furnished by McClain County Court Clerk, February 2003. Since Cleveland County is part of the same judicial district, and since Cleveland County has since adopted a different schedule, you should check with a McClain County clerk or bailiff to determine if the above schedule has been replaced.]